Saturday, 11 April 2020


This is an intense difficult and a danger time for all of us and we need to fight against this time with rear positivity against COVID-19. Our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation about health safety measures and policies which government has been under taking them time to time. We need to stand together united and show our power of oneness and discipline to the world at this danger time. We can convert this crisis into opportunity or productivity by analyzing our inner skills; we need to think to fight against this illness by staying at home and enduring our skills to make some productive moves out of this time, need to think how we can sharpen our self, think to develop the value system and raise yourself. Therefore, what needs to be done so that we can make some productive move out of ourselves? I have tried to note down some of the points below, hopefully it will help you all.....

Inventory your free time

Most of us do not know where we need to spend our free time. While we may keep a calendar for appointments or a 'to do list' for the day, we are not always as aware of how we use discretionary time. It is hard to know how to change until you know what needs changing. So, inventory your free time by jotting down the things you wanted to do in your life but never got that much enough time to explore them.

Discover your interests

Some of us are so busy and never ask ourselves, what we really need to feel as a human. In fact, many use busyness as a convenient way to avoid facing the fact that they do not know what their real needs are. They simply let the natural demands of life set their daily agenda. If you have been neglecting your needs for some time, you might find this a hard task. Go back five or ten years and reflect on what you used to do for fun, stimulation and recreation. If you need to go back as far as childhood to identify interests, do so.

Revive your skills and learn new things 

In this time, we need to explore ourselves by representing our species and the greatest good things we need to do to ourselves is to bring back the new ideas, because the world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. We have plenty of time to revive our skills and learn new things and by doing this it will add a different level of confidence within ourselves. In order to learn new things we can join online distance classes and grab the advantages out of it.

Useful links for online learning:

Show your hidden talent:

Many people have hidden talent but they are not able to show case and sometimes they do not have plenty of time to explore their talent. Some people may have excellence writing skills, blogging skills, panting skills, gardening skills and many more. My point is to just rectify your hidden talent and explore yourself in this lockdown time in order to just losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis.

Commit to enrich yourself

Do you really perform your best work when you are burned out? Of course not. Nevertheless, our purpose in life can easily be reduced to survival when we are not re-creating those parts of ourselves that need renewal. Consider creative renewal as vital to your existence, not simply a luxury. Make a commitment to yourself that you will strive for a work/leisure balance. For some, balance means daily leisure, for others less frequent. However, it should be a regular part of each person’s weekly routine. Unless you consider it a priority for your life, it probably will not happen.

Plan your leisure

So here is where you pull it all together. You have identified areas of interest that you know will enrich you. You have committed yourself to participate in one or more of these activities at least weekly. In addition, you see how important creative leisure is to personal growth. Now it is just a matter of doing it. However, this is the hardest part. You have to battle the infinite number of conflicts that threaten to strangle your discretionary time. That is where your time inventory comes in.

Therefore, locate your open pockets of free time and plan it into your schedule. Treat it like a non-negotiable appointment that cannot be cancelled unless it is an emergency. This might appear to be elevating leisure beyond what it deserves. Nevertheless, that depends on the value it has in your life. You will spend your leisure time on what you value most. If that is watching television, using the Internet, talking on the phone, housework, or other activities, then at least do it deliberately. However, if you seek more than the average, the mundane and the convenient, pursue those interests with tenacity. You will not regret it. 

A small investment of time might literally change your whole life.....