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How to write project description for PMP exam or any other presentation; sample of new product development automotive project description within 200 to 500 words ?

Every project document must have objective so it is project description document and objective is ultimate goal of the project.
Project Objective: Complete the product (Shift Tower; an automotive transmission shifting shifting system component) development within given time line and standard of requirement of the OEMs client and base line budget. 

Initiation: Identify key deliverables, risk, assumptions, and constraints in high level of planning. Plan all these high level of task under the the project charter document. Study RFQ drawings, CAD data and plan high-level meetings in order to take approval of project charter. 

Planning: Study of detailed project requirements, constraints, and assumptions with stakeholders and created activity list, resources and activity duration. Conducted kick-off meeting where communicated the start of the project, deliverables and the key milestones. Planned the scope of the project while considering time, cost and quality base lines. Created the work breakdown structure, decomposed and sequenced activities, and developed the project schedule, estimated budget. Defined roles and responsibilities of the project team members to create the resources management plan. 

Execution: Manage project resources, develop and integrate prototypes. Monitoring project progress using PMIS and communicating project status to all the stakeholders. Managed, motivated and led the project team throughout the execution of the project. Conducted weekly project review (PRM) with teams and key stakeholder in order to audit project quality. 

Monitoring and Controlling: Monitor and assess the risk of deliverable, change control system. Review issue logs and update to the stakeholders. Ensured project deliverables conformed to project scope and quality plan. 

Closer: Obtained stakeholders acceptance and created a closure of the project. Created and shared the final project report signed by the concern people as per the communication management plan. Documented lessons learned (TGR/TGW) and conducted a project review to update the organization’s knowledge bank, archived final project documents in order to develop a better document control of the project. 

Outcome of the Project: Product (shift tower) developed and Tested for assembly as per standard of requirements. Outcome and objective should be align and same because your project outcomes define the project quality.

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