Thursday, 28 September 2017

Nonlinear Structural Analysis-Applications in Engineering

The term stiffness defines the difference between linear and nonlinear analysis. Stiffness is a property of a design that characterizes its response to the applied load. Strength is a ability of the material to support a load without physical failure but Stiffness is the ability of the material to distribute a load and resist deformation or deflection in functional failure.There are three primary factors which affect stiffness. These factors are shape, material, and part support(contact) and because of them three types of non linearity occur in the simulation: Geometry non linearity(shape), Material non linearity (material), Boundary(contact). Based on the simulation of these nonlinearities following types are come in analysis:

Strength analysis
In strength analysis evaluation is carried out to know How much load can the structure support before global failure occurs.

Deflection analysis
Deflection analysis is carried out when deflection control is of primary importance of analysis interest in simulation.

Stability analysis
Finding critical points such as limit points or bifurcation points closest to operational or functional range of the structure.

Service configuration analysis

Finding the operational equilibrium form of certain slender structures when the fabrication and service configurations are quite different for example cables, inflatable structures, helicoids and many more.

Reserve strength analysis
Finding the load carrying capacity beyond critical points to assess safety under abnormal conditions.

Progressive failure analysis
A type of stability and strength analysis in which progressive deterioration is considered for example cracking in the structure.

Envelope analysis
A combination of previous analyses in which multiple parameters are varied and the strength information thus obtained is condensed into failure envelopes. A performance assessment of designed building envelope components, including assemblies and junctions, for a specific climate.
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