Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A hyperelastic or Green elastic Material

A hyper-elastic or Green elastic material is a type of constitutive model for ideally elastic material for which the stress-strain relationship derives from a strain energy density function. The hyperelastic material is a special case of a Cauchy elastic material.
Linear elastic models do not accurately describe the observed material behaviour for many materials. The most common example of this kind of material is rubber. The stress-strain relationship can be defined as non-linearly elastic, isotropic, incompressible and generally independent of strain rate for rubber. Hyperelasticity provides a means of modeling the stress-strain behavior of such materials. The uses of hyperelastic material are:

The behavior of unfilled, vulcanized elastomers often conforms closely to the hyperelastic ideal. Filled elastomers are also often modeled via the hyperelastic idealization.
Biological tissues are also modeled via the hyperelastic idealization and so on.
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