Friday, 20 January 2017

Computer Aided Technology (CAT) or Simulation Technology

Computer Aided Technology (CAT) or Simulation Technology is the discipline of designing a model of an actual or theoretical physical system, executing the model on a digital computer, and analyzing the execution output. To simulate something physical, you will first need to create a mathematical model which represents that physical object.

A computer simulation is a technique or technology to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer so that it can be studied to see how the system works. You may be made predictions about the behavior of the system by changing variables in the simulation. It is a tool to virtually investigate the behavior of the system under study.

Manufacturing engineering represents one of the most important applications of simulation. This technique or technology represents a important tool used by engineers when evaluating the effect of failure, cost, and life of the equipment s. Simulation can be used to predict the performance of an existing or planned system and to compare alternative solutions for a particular design problem.

CAT or Simulation technology play major role in application engineering and it is a hot trend in the current IT market.  An applications engineer is responsible for designing and application of technology products relating to various aspects of computing. To accomplish this, he/she has to work collaboratively with the company’s manufacturing, marketing, sales, and customer service departments.
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