Hi Welcome! Although in my other social media accounts, visitors will find a little bit of everything, this blog is now primarily a literary blog where you can find discussion of automotive engineering, design and technologies, project’s which I’ve worked on it, and I’ve loved the most to develop robust engineering system. You will also find discussion about the latest innovation and technologies in manufacturing ecosystem etc.

Avijeet Suryavanshi is an engineering and program management professional, consultant and writer based out at UP India. He always enjoy the beauty of nature and magic of technology. Principle of life; live life and let others. Strongly believe in; Have faith in yourself; you will win definitely.

His hobbies are exploring new technologies, blogging and loves discovering new cities and places around the world and like spending time in nature, capture all the wonderful moments of real peace.

His spiritual believe that Greatness is found in goodness, humility, service and character!